Arbonne weight loss program

Arbonne is a Swiss skin care company. In business since 1975, Arbonne is comprised of a group of industry leaders in bio chemistry, biology and herbology. Unsatisfied with limiting their success to skin care, Arbonne has introduced some weight loss products and foods in order to complement their eight week weight loss challenge, appropriately called, “Figure 8″.

Figure 8 is a plan to help participants lose weight within an eight week time period. While in the challenge, you can access meal plans, recipes and lists of food substitutions to help you to your goal. Arbonne has a long list of recipes available including recipes for smoothies, pies, shakes, lattes, stews and soups. Their meal plans feature snacks, reminders to take Arbonne supplements and three balanced meal slots.

Arbonne has created many specialized food and supplement products to help make your diet easier. Their products include:

  • Protein shakes
  • Fiber boosters
  • Dietary supplements
  • Weight loss ches
  • Fizzing beverage tablets
  • Daily detox tea
  • Chocolate snacks
  • Vanilla snacks

The dietary supplement they have has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Arbonne claims that it increases metabolism , promotes lean body mass, controls appetite and increases your energy. The ingredients include ginger, pepper and cayenne pepper. On their own, some of these ingredients have been shown to promote weight loss. However, the proprietary blend utilized by Arbonne has not been evaluated and there are no published clinical trials to support Arbonne’s claims. The daily detox tea has no caffeine, which is a plus since caffeinated drinks that are consumed while restricting calories can cause a jittery feeling that is unpleasant to the dieter. Other products they’ve developed include such non edible items as: Contouring Cellulite Cream and a Cellulite Massager.

The website Arbonne developed for the Figure 8 challenge has many tools to help dieters. On the website, dieters can find a BMI calculator, a 28 day meal plan, a gender specific calorie calculator to determine caloric needs based on gender, and message boards. The message boards allow you to discuss and exchange tips with other Figure 8 challenge takers. Often, dieters find that the camaraderie and support found on dieting message boards is just what they needed to stay on track with their diet plan.

Adding to the helpfulness of their website, Arbonne has created seasonal newsletters that can be accessed as archives from their website. Each newsletter features an, “Ask the Expert” column in which you can ask a question of an unidentified expert. There are no credentials listed for the expert. Other newsletter sections include one about physical fitness and another that promotes the ingestion of the dietary supplement as part of the plan.

The Arbonne website has many testimonials from dieters who are currently on, or recently finished with the Figure 8 diet. The testimonials are all positive and most of them concentrate on the tastiness of the products rather than the positive weight loss results they may be experiencing. Those that do discuss their weight loss achievements list impressive dress size reductions and double digit pound losses. The site also has an online form that allows users to contact members of the Arbonne staff. A member of the staff will return the contact y your preferred method within 24 hours.

After evaluating Arbonne’s Figure 8 diet plan, you may decide that it is a good plan to adopt for your weight loss goals. If this is the case, be sure to talk to your primary care physician before you actually take the supplements in the plan. They may have adverse affects on your current medications and supplements, and that is something you should have your doctor evaluate.