Bontril Reviews

In its generic form, it is known as Phendimetrazine.  But prescription Bontril is said in some cases to be a close second in the runnings just under prescription Phentermine.  It is a sympathomimemetic amine, which basically is a considerably longer way of saying it’s an amphetamine based product.  Frankly speaking, the truth is that this product actually works by stimulating the central nervous system meaning organs such as the heart, to suppress appetite quite effectively speaking.

Now of course, amphetamines are potentially addictive and harmful to the body, and prescription amphetamines are no exception.  And frankly speaking, it can still come with another number of side effects and problems in general.  They find that Bontril can of course produce results, or it wouldn’t be on the prescription market with so many risks involved.  However, it’s definitely something to consider.

Now of course, they don’t actually have quite as many side effects as prescription Phentermine.  But it is still addictive, and quite frankly speaking, it still has the short lived results and a number of serious side effects.  So all in all, that definitely puts a damper on things to say the least.  But of course, we are not going to necessarily speaking say that it is totally not worth it.

Now this being said, it does work.  It may not work as well as prescription Phentermine.  But it’s a tradeoff between a certain caliber of results and the actual side effects.  So for some people, it’s still worth it.  You should not take Bontril just as you should not take any prescription weight loss pill if you have any medical condition, especially those related to obesity ironically enough such as heart disease, fatty liver disease, and otherwise.

Common Bontril side effects include restlessness, tremors, nervousness, anxiety, headache, dizziness, insomnia, dry mouth, unpleasant taste, diarrhea, constipation, and impotence or change in sex drive.  So realistically speaking, a lot of the more common side effects are a lot like caffeine.  But on the other hand, side effects such as raised cholesterol and blood pressure as well as psychosis are also common enough to make it a little scary for the average dieter to say the least.  And it being habit forming certainly doesn’t help anything.

So all in all, Bontril is not necessarily worth it.  All it does in truth is suppress your appetite, and it’s not as effective as the more popular Phentermine.  However, if you are looking for a good appetite suppressant, you actually can find a better option.  There are plenty of natural over the counter appetite suppressants.  But despite what you may think due to these kinds of prescription options, it does not require any stimulants or otherwise side effects all in all.  So we would not recommend bothering with it.