Five vegetable juices that promote healthy weight loss

Carrot juice

Drinking a certain amount of fresh carrot juice every day can improve the status of the whole body organism. Carrot juice can increase the body’s appetite and improve the immunity to infection. Milk secreted by breast-feeding mothers who drink carrot juice has better quality and more quantity than that from those who do not drink. People suffering from ulcer disease can significantly reduce the disease symptoms by drinking carrot juice. Carrot juice is also effective in mitigation conjunctivitis and maintenance of the entire visual system.

Celery juice

Celery has a pleasant odor and can enhance people’s appetite. In the hot and dry day, drink a cup of celery juice after getting up will make you feel refreshed. It is also beneficial for health to drink celery juice between meals. Celery juice can be used as a diuretic, a cathartic, as well as methoserpidine. The celery roots and leaves are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and vitamin P, celery juice is especially suitable for people lack of these vitamins.

Chinese cabbage juice

Chinese cabbage, also known as celery cabbage, is useful in the recovery of hematopoietic function, preventing of vascular sclerosis and deposition of serum cholesterol. Vitamin A in Chinese cabbage juice can promote child growth and prevent childhood nyctalopia (night blindness). Lack of vitamin A affect the body’s growth and resistance to disease and can cause night blindness. In addition to prevention and treatment of amblyopia, selenium in the juice helps improve the bactericidal power of leukocytes and prevent the body from heavy metal poisoning. During the time the gum infection induces periodontal disease, drinking mixed cabbage and carrot juice can help clean the mouth as well as supplement a large amount of vitamin C contained in the juice.

Tomato juice

Medical experts believe that 2 to 3 tomatoes a day meets the body’s daily vitamin C need. Several glasses of tomato juice can supply half the amount of vitamin A needed during night. Tomato contains a lot of citric acid and malic acid which enhance the body’s metabolism, promote the production of gastric juice, and strengthen the digestive capability of greasy food. Vitamin P in tomato protects blood vessels, prevent and treat hypertension, and can improve the heart’s work. In addition, long term drinking of tomato juice can improve skin health. Tomato juice, in combination with apple juice, pumpkin juice and lemon juice, can also play a role in obesity treatment.

Cucumber juice

Doctors believe cucumber juice has the best diuretic effect among its other health benefits. Cucumber juice may play an important role in maintaining strong heart and blood vessels, regulating blood pressure, preventing excessive tension and cardiac atherosclerosis. Cucumber juice can also make the nervous system sedative and strong and enhance memory. Cucumber juice contains many nutrients for hair and nails, and helps to prevent hair loss and nail splitting. Cucumber juice contains less fat and sugar, which is ideal for weight loss.