Metabolife 365 Reviews

Produced by Metabolife International Inc, Metabolife 365 was created to be used with a balanced with and exercise program.  They claimed that it would help you to enhance stamina and energy levels while promoting greater weight loss than diet and exercise alone.  This in mind, they claimed it would also help you to suppress appetite and burn more fat in turn with medically tested and proven ingredients.

Metabolife as a company was of course known for using ephedra, and they have since changed their name according to advertisements to “MetaboDrin 365.  Essentially speaking, they now claim that it is manufactured by a company known as NutraStar Laboratories.  But now, there is actually only one site that specifies that they are the same product.  Most others try to hide it, because quite frankly, the Metabolife name has earned quite a bit of bad press to say the least.

So how does it work?  Well, first of all, it still has ephedra.  It uses now 25mg of ephedra, which is technically legal.  And just in case you are wondering, that amount of ephedra is still potentially dangerous.  However, in no cases have people actually been able to lose weight with it.  This being said, there was a lawsuit against the makers of Metabolife 365, now known as MetaboDrin 365.  A 51 year old user claimed that it had actually caused a serious stroke.  Of course, the jury ruled in the favor of the company being that by this time, everybody knew how harmful ephedra could be.  They ruled that the plaintiff had sufficient warning.  However, it shows that while25mg of ephedra does not promote weight loss, it is still enough to cause quite a bit of harm.

This being said, there have been multiple lawsuits leveled against the makers of what’s now called MetaboDrin 365 as recently as 2005.  The courts have ruled in the favor of the company thus far, in part we suspect because they would have to renew the total ban on ephedra were they to rule otherwise.  However, judging by the opinions of doctors who testified in those cases as well as users complaining about many of the same serious side effects, it’s quite obvious that many think they should reconsider.

There are no other ingredients listed in MetaboDrin 365 at this point.  This being said, the most positive review we’ve seen was from a consumer who had used one bottle total and claimed to have lost 5 pounds.  5 pounds is of course gradual enough.  But we wonder is it really MetaboDrin 365 that’s making the difference?  Actually, we doubt that it would be this product doing anything.

Users of any diet pill, including Metabolife 365/MetaboDrin 365 are advised to use diet and exercise in proper amounts to lose weight.  If you are keeping up a reasonable plan, you should be losing about 2 pounds per week or 8-9 pounds within about 30 days.  Now of course, were you to find a diet pill that actually worked, you would expect to lose at least 12-13 pounds in that same 30 day period of time rather than 8-9.  So why is it exactly that their most positive reviewer, in fact it seems their only positive reviewer, talks about only a 5 pound weight loss?

This being said, we would never recommend relying on just one ingredient, no matter how strong or safe that ingredient may be.  The ingredient they have chosen is in this amount, neither strong or safe.  And obviously, many consumers have caught on to the point of them changing their name to try to renew sales.  We would not recommend using anything like Metabolife 365 or any other names it may go under in the future.