QuickTrim Reviews

quicktrim_03quicktrim_05Quick Trim actually has 4 different products: a basic cleanse, a cleanse and fat burner, a fat burner, and then a cellulite cream/gel from what we can tell that apparently also burns fat wherever applied.  This being said, they obviously have a more comprehensive set of options, and they claim all will help you to lose weight, especially when combined.

Quick Trim products are advertised by the Kardashian sisters.  I haven’t personally seen either of them lose weight, gain weight, or anything else with their weight recently.  But apparently Quick Trim seems to think that they have.  This being said, you have to wonder, does it actually work?

We have seen all their ingredients, with the exception of those in Celluslim, their cellulite cream.  With that they claim to take 7 different approaches to cellulite.  There are 2 proven ways to even reduce cellulite: exercise and coffee scrubs.  So who thinks that they actually use either one of those?  Not us!  This being said, the rest of their ingredients are interesting.

For apparent fat burners, they use some conventional ones like green tea.  But as we’ve seen, they only use small amounts, not enough to cause benefits, but enough to still cause side effects.  This being said, the rest of their supposed “fat burners” are actually fruits.  While apples, grapes, and the like can certainly improve a regular diet plan, when you put them into the pill, they don’t exactly have the same effect or benefits.

Likewise, when you look at their supposed cleansing ingredients, we see quite a few diuretics.  All of their programs are meant to be used for only short periods of time, and it’s no wonder.  The reality is that diuretics dehydrate the body, taking away water weight you actually need.  Moreover, they do not cleanse, actually making it harder to lose weight in the future, even after you have gained all the weight back.

They don’t use any other good ingredients.  In fact, they don’t really use any good ingredients at all.  Quick Trim will not promote weight loss.  It will not help you to burn fat, they will not help you to detoxify the body, and you will only experience more damage and a harder time losing weight in the end.