Synedrex Reviews

Synedrex has been formulated to help you to drop unwanted fat, lose that water weight, control your cravings, love shopping again, and feel “alive again with endless amounts of energy.” They talk about finally helping you to achieve a faster metabolism since over 90% wish they did, and it doesn’t get any easier as you age. So why not fight against it?

Synedrex is supposed to increase your caloric burn and energy while controlling carbs and suppressing appetite at the same time to make it incredibly easy once again. They talk about how you can just imagine your energy exploding through the roof, and apparently there is no risk involved.

They use green tea, which is of course the most common fat burner currently available. It can give you certain benefits if used correctly, and in addition, they use caffeine anhydrous. These two ingredients could certainly provide a thermogenic fat burning result. The problem is that they don’t have the right amounts. Each requires 400mg minimum. Caffeine has 350mg and green tea has 240mg in this case.

From there, they use garcinia cambogia, and that typically requires about 1500mg. It seems like a high amount. But when used in that amount, it is quite effective. They use a grand total of 230mg. So obviously speaking, this will not actually help you to lose any weight at all.

Their other ingredients include one antioxidant known as cocoa extract. When combined with caffeine in one ingredient, it makes theobromine. But they haven’t done that. Without becoming theobromine, this does not actually burn fat or otherwise promote weight loss results in general.

Their other ingredients are in one case jojoba and in other cases amino acids. Jojoba oil has been shown to moisturize the skin as an essential oil. But it has never actually been connected to weight loss. Synedrex therefore does not have weight loss results with that. And while amino acids do feed muscles, they do not actually build them. Of course, if you build muscles, you can naturally increase your metabolism. But without doing that, there is really no difference in fat burning or otherwise.

There are various reasons not to buy Synedrex. But there aren’t really reasons to buy it. It doesn’t have the right ingredients, the right amounts, or anything else that you would actually want. Synedrex will be just another waste of your money should you choose to waste your time and money on it. But luckily, there are other options out there that are considerably better. Luckily, Synedrex is not by any means your only option.