UltraSlim Reviews

Apparently, UltraSlim is meant to be the product that will give you the highest possible concentration of 3 powerful ingredients, 3! They claim that it can naturally burn off excess fat while also giving you the ability to drop unwanted pounds and be more satisfied in general with the results you are getting rather than being disappointed yet again with another sub par formula in general. And yet the ingredients are entirely all natural in basis.

So what does it promote? UltraSlim promotes natural weight loss, increased fat burning, healthier body weight, reduced BMI, quicker metabolism, controlled appetite, and a greater overall wellbeing and healthy lifestyle.

But there are several problems with this. First of all, they rely on a “free trial offer” to sell their product. Basically, this means that they are definitely ripping you off. They only use “free trial offers” when their formula is so poor that there is no other way to sell it! They are drawing you into an expensive auto ship program rather than anything else. And they don’t really tell you, only revealing it in the fine print.

So why would they have to do this? They only have 3 basic ingredients. The first would be glucomannan. Glucomannan could potentially speaking be a powerful appetite suppressant, working as a natural fiber that blows up in the stomach and otherwise keeps you from eating more. However, it requires at least 1000mg, which they don’t actually have.

Likewise, their second ingredient known as green tea could potentially be an extremely powerful and effective fat burner. However, it would require at least 400mg, which we can guarantee that they don’t have. Without that 400mg, it has no effect at all in general terms. So you would just be wasting your time while also potentially suffering through side effects commonly related to caffeine more than anything else.

Their third ingredient is hoodia. Hoodia is the biggest perpetrator. Hoodia has been glorified on shows like 60 minutes and for that matter CNN, making us believe it must be legitimate. But had they actually done their research they would have found that all studies indicate that hoodia does not promote any known benefits including appetite suppression, and moreover, the South African government has made it illegal to export hoodia in the first place.

So obviously, we would not recommend using UltraSlim. It works with scam like tactics, because they have nothing to show for all their efforts. They attempt to hide the information at all costs. But really, they do a poor job, and even if they did a better job, you still wouldn’t see weight loss results using it. It is definitely not worth the high price you will actually end up paying. So we would highly suggest that you use something else that is actually legitimate.